Top 10 Twitter Accounts to Follow: Piemonte Wineries

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Of all the social networks out there, Twitter is the most powerful and effective tool for keeping up-to-date with interests and, increasingly, news. Discover which winery accounts to follow so you can keep up with what’s going down in wine country, Piemonte.

The digital world moves quickly, while the wine world just gets better with time. Merging the two is not always easy. We scoured the Twittersphere for some of Piemonte’s wineries who have made a smooth transition (as well as several non-winery accounts who are nonetheless directly connected, such as consortia).

What were the criteria? Lots of wineries have great accounts, but we were searching for that special, extra something. These wineries do not just tell you reviews of their wines. Certainly, fans love to hear about their favorite wines, but these wineries take their tweets further. They create meaningful conversations, connect with wine lovers around the world, and share useful information – all in the name of Piemonte wine and territory. In other words, they are great at ReTweets, @mentions, and tweeting with URLs and photos. Finally, the information they give is valuable to global followers; that is, they tweet in English as well as in Italian.

Read on to see which wineries to follow in order to stay up-to-date with the wine world in Piemonte, live.

Coppo1. COPPO1892

A winery in the sparkling Asti and Moscato wine zone since 1892, Coppo also has underground cellars that are on the UNESCO World Heritage List, called Underground Cathedrals. They have lots of events and visitors, and love replying to people who tweet about the adventures they’ve had “spelunking” in wine.

Damilano2. DamilanoBarolo

Damilano is a well-known Barolo producer of four generations, known for their prestigious single-vineyard cru Cannubi Barolo. Other than tasting notes and often high-ranking reviews (like 90+ points from Wine Spectator and Monica Larner), they tweet about Piemontese food, world wine news, and the Barolo and Piemonte territories.

Rocco di Carpeneto3. roccocarpeneto

Rocco di Carpeneto produces organic wines in Ovada, a region known for a Dolcetto with potential to age, and also run an “Eco-Bio” Agriturismo. They’re great about responding and retweeting what others say about them, their wines, Dolcetto di Ovada, and the territory.

Casa Wallace4. CasaWallace

Casa Wallace is a biodynamic winery in the Monferrato, and you’ll find tweets about sustainability practices as they relate to their region or to tending and caring for vineyards, as well as wine tastings and tweets about visiting guests.

Cascina Chicco5. cascinachicco

These Piemonte winemakers from the Roero in Canale are also “Nebbiolo explorers” in the Langhe, and produce Barolo. Would you like a glimpse at day-to-day happenings at a winery? Stay up-to-date on their wines and reviews, and tag along as they tweet about their days at the winery; and they’re great about retweeting posts about their territory, too.

Marchesi di Barolo6. MarchesiBarolo

This Barolo winemaking family has been producing for over 5 generations. They stay active in local events, and show you all the fun happenings going on in the area in addition to tweets and retweets about their wines and reviews.

Brachetto d'Acqui7. BrachettodAcqui

The official account of the sparkling, sweet rosé wine of the Monferrato, the Consortium for Brachetto d'Acqui has plenty of lighthearted tweets to make you smile. Its tweets and retweets of this pretty bubbly alone will inspire you to taste Brachetto. They are also great about retweeting events, articles in their zone and in the larger Piemontese territory, and responding to Brachetto fans.

Wines of Roero8. WinesofRoero

The Consortium of the top two Roero wines and wineries who produce them – Nebbiolo and Arneis – this account tweets about anything on the Roero (though particularly wine-related, of course), Roero food, and Roero territory. Find links to lots of great articles and pretty pictures.

Strada Reale9. ViniStradaReale

The Royal Wine Road is a self-guided route in the Torinese zone that directs travelers to points of historical and enological interest, with many castles from the region’s royal past in the mix. Anything along these roads goes into their varied tweets: events, castles, itineraries, wine. Also, many ancient, off-the-wall native varieties of grapes exist in the Torinese zone, and you’ll find gems of info about them.

Enoteca Regionale del Barolo10. Barolo_enoreg

The Regional Enoteca of Barolo is in the Falletti Castle of Barolo where the Wine Museum is also located. It is also where many main events are held. If it has to do with the “King of Wines” in the area or the Enoteca’s very active social schedule, they will tweet and retweet. Also follow them for magnificent photos of the stunning Langhe and Barolo territory.


Bonus: special wine interests


A very small, new, yet active account, Montalbera is a winery that has been producing in the Monferrato for six generations. Their main wine is the “Prince of Monferrato,” Ruché, which is a little known, native red wine made only in this area. Discover more about it by following their hashtag #loveRuche.

Vini BalbianoViniBalbiano

The Balbiano winery produces one of Piemonte’s native reds that has been eclipsed, in recent times, by Barbera and Nebbiolo – but it’s making a comeback: Freisa di Chieri. Their tweets focus on their wines and events, but they’re very active and if you get a chance to taste Freisa, make sure you tell them what you think.


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