A theater in the vineyards

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If you love two wheels, the whir of a tiny motor, and the wind in your hair, this is the itinerary for you. Saddle up on your Vespa and enjoy an afternoon in the sun cruising through hills blanketed with Moscato vineyards, taking a pause to taste the best this Canelli territory has to offer.

Visualizza Un teatro sui vigneti in una mappa di dimensioni maggiori

Begin in front of the Regional Enoteca of Canelli in Corso delle Libertà. A bit ahead on the left by way of Via Buenos Aires, begin climbing up towards the hills that are famous for the vineyards of Moscato d’Asti. The breathtaking sight will satisfy any hunger for scenery and bella vistas: between rows of grapevines and alternating fruit trees and hazelnut groves, follow the road that goes towards Loazzolo, enjoying the views that seem to be taken straight from a postcard. Pay close attention to the few trail marks along the path; you’ll find yourself alone with vineyards, sunshine, and a few critters scampering through nature. Follow the signs for Laghetto and continue along the main road until a fork, one of its arms leading off towards the Church of St. Libera, the other straight towards Loazzolo. Go straight, towards the reigning territories of one of Italy’s smallest DOC regions. It’s worth your time to pause in this small town of the Asti Langa, a village with an antique character and narrow streets, encircled by a wall made of stone and vines that can be admired from a town-central terrace. In front of you, see vineyards reaching out from the surrounding woods and extending towards the city.

Returning to your Vespa saddle, find the small church of Madonna della Neve in the Quartino community on your left surrounded by pines. At the end of the downhill, go in the direction of Acqui Terme and turn at Bubbio. Here is another worthwhile visit: its Castle from the 1200s has been reconstructed in Neo-medieval style and hosts a fine hotel and restaurant.

Continue the trip in the direction of Cassinasco. Along this road, we advise a quick deviation from your path: follow the signs for Parco Scultoreo Quirin Mayer and, after a couple miles, find an open space where you may park your motor. Threading through the vineyards, you’ll find a large cement terrace used as an amphitheatre, right in the center of all the grapevines. Theatrical performances and other events are held here periodically, as well as being an exhibition center: 19 impressive sculptures of Quirin Mayer, a Swiss artist, are brightly prominent in the middle of nature – they are all formed of aluminum and lacquered with brilliant colors.

Now it’s time to return to the road and end the journey. Before doing so, you might want to pass by the Caffi Sanctuary located in the community Santuario di Caffi. Then return to the back road and follow signs towards Canelli until you reach the original starting point; but first, allow yourself another side-trip towards the premises of Faccio di Cassinasco, famous for its cream of torrone, an artisanal honey nougat with hazelnuts and other crunchy additions sure to give your jaws a happy workout.

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