Ancient wine trails

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This itinerary is for cycling enthusiasts with a thirst to ride through some of the oldest Barbaresco paths, avoiding the paved roadways in favor of packed dirt trails running through the vineyards.

Visualizza Le antiche sterrate del vino in una mappa di dimensioni maggiori

Equip yourself with a mountain bike and leave Alba from Piazza Monsignor Grassi. From Viale Cherasca, turn left immediately after the grade crossing. Ride next to the train station and begin the trail that climbs upwards on your right, pedaling along with a view of Alba from above, opposite a thick forest.

After about 300 m (330 yd), from the heights of the Torino villa, turn left to meet up with the Liberty villa where there is the Agriturismo La Meridiana Cà Reinè. Climbing up the hill, enjoy the view when you reach the top: the Tanaro River wrapping itself around the city of Alba, green Roero with its ancient castles, and the Langhe with communities dotting the Barbaresco area. Not too far ahead, after the farmhouse (cascina) Gersi, turn to the right and descend towards the village of Ressia. Here, the road joins with the state road that connects Alba with Barbaresco and Treiso. Cross over in the community of Pertinace at a bakery, and continue next to the community winery I Vignaioli di Treiso until Tre Stelle, a small community of Barbaresco. At this point, once the hill has leveled off, turn to the left and come upon a piazza in front of an old school building. Go down to the houses in the small town of Nicolini Basso. Before turning into a cool, wooded area, you’ll see the tower of Barbaresco in front of you, and then continue through hills blanketed with vineyards and hazelnut groves. You’ll come to the old train station of Barbaresco, nestled in a conclave green with vegetation that feels as though you’re embraced by all of the Langhe.

Cross the train tracks and climb once again through vineyards of the Cantina dei Marchesi di Gresy. Ride through the village Asili and arrive at a small chapel of Saint Theobald. From here, the trail descends and takes you straight towards Barbaresco. Allow yourself a break and refresh with local wines and plates of local fare in one of the many restaurants in the area. Hit the road again, bypassing the Fraternity of St. Donato (today the seat of the Regional Enoteca of Barbaresco), descending until you reach the village of Montestefano; once again, cross the train tracks and reach the farmhouse Principe. The town of Neive will be right in front of you, a small hamlet that yet dominates the hillside. Cross the state highway and pick up the dirt trail until reaching the village of Pastura, at this point climbing up towards a forested area. Here, the trail runs along the edge of the hill. Begin the steep downhill grade before climbing up again, coming upon the town of Treiso. Continue towards Manera-Cappelletto and ride alongside the cemetery: you will be in sight of the powerful Rocche dei Sette Fratelli, or Rocks of Seven Brothers.

The last part of the course follows the Rocks and descends towards San Rocco Seno d’Elvio, arriving behind the Locanda del Barbaresco. Leaving the countryside behind, rise to the challenge of this last uphill to Portinale. Beneath you extends all of Alba. Follow in the direction of Bricco delle Capre and descend the trail to arrive in the community of Boffa, just a few steps away from where you started.

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