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Mondovì: Between Liguria and Piedmont

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Art, culture, a charming Old Town, cozy restaurants and wherever you look, wonderful views. I’m not sure if it’s a matter of colorful buildings, faded frescoes decorating buildings, flowers in windows or maybe numerous little shops full of regional products and lovely smelling sweets, but the truth is I fell in love with Mondovi’ at first sight.

San Pietro e Paolo church from the 15th centurySan Pietro e Paolo church from the 15th century

The town is spread over two different levels. The Breo district is situated at 395 mamsl and extends along the Ellero river, while the oldest part, Piazza, was built on the hill (559 mamsl) and it’s easily reached by a funicular. Varicolored buildings’ facades painted in warm tones, pastel colored wooden shutters, narrow streets that guide up and down, all of these rather resemble Liguria towns. Only the white peaks of the Alps that seem to be just at your fingertips remind the visitor we are still in Piedmont.

one of the streets in the Breo districtone of the streets in the Breo district

One of the streets in the Piazza district; going up by funicularone of the streets in the Piazza district; going up by funicular

It’s easy to get to Mondovì from such places like Turin (one hour's drive on the motorway A6), from Alba (45 minutes), from Cuneo (30 min) and also from the Ligurian coast, because to Savona it’s only 70 km. In summer, the town invites you to taste local dishes in different small restaurants and bars; in autumn you can visit the Regional Truffle Fair; and in winter it attracts tourists with its international hot-air balloon event and the carnival parade. Whereas during the whole year shopping lovers can visit Mondovicino Outlet.

Piazza Maggiore – facing Antico Palazzo di CittàPiazza Maggiore – facing Antico Palazzo di Città

Piazza Maggiore – facing Palazzo del Governatore
Piazza Maggiore – facing Palazzo del Governatore

one of coffee shops in Piazza district
one of coffee shops in Piazza district

The most attractive part of the town is Piazza Maggiore, the heart of the Old Town which took me only few minutes to reach by the funicular. Once I got there, I saw an irregular, long square decorated by baroque buildings. One is Antico Palazzo di Città (the town hall in the past) which dates back to 12th century. It acquired its modern look in 17th century thanks to local architect Giovanni Goano. On the opposite side of the square, two buildings caught my attention – Palazzo Fauzone and Palazzo del Governatore. The first one was raised in the 4th century by the Fauzone rich family and today we can admire its collection of antique ceramics inside (Museo della Ceramica). Palazzo del Governatore is characteristic by frescoes that since the 5th century have ornamented the palace of the governor. On the spacious square, don't miss the restaurant’s gardens, coffee shops and bars situated under the arcades, while narrow side streets invite you to discover other old and charming corners of the town.

Palazzo Antico di CittàPalazzo Antico di Città

Palazzo del Governatore
Palazzo del Governatore

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Monika Nowak

I’m Polish blogger and freelance journalist tasting “la dolce vita” by traveling around Piedmont. As Italia is my passion since the childhood I’m happy having the chance to discover  the kingdom of  great cuisine and probably the best wines in the world, but also charming little towns and interesting history. My blog  Bel Piemonte (available also in Polish and in Italian) was born to show the beauty of this region and to encourage others to discover this part of the Apennine Peninsula. 

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