Top 20 Piemonte Wineries on Instagram

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Piemonte wineries on Instagram Piemonte wineries on Instagram

Instagram is the ultimate in inspirational social media, and Piemonte is its model subject. With breathtaking panoramas, rolling vineyard hills, Alpine backdrops, and most of all producers who share what it’s like to make wine, here are the best Piemonte winery Instagram profiles to follow.

The share of a photo and a well-constructed caption make this image-centric social platform beautifully simple. In the theme of our recent Top 10 Twitter Accounts to Follow: Piemonte Wineries list, we bring you the best winery Instagram accounts in Piemonte.

What were we looking for? Images that inspire, entertain, and tell a story. We love to scroll through pictures of the beautiful territory that surrounds us, and to be reminded again and again of its stunning hills and hidden corners. It is interesting (and fun!) to see what goes on behind-the-scenes in a winery, and follow along as they sip and swirl through events and dinners. We looked at quality and frequency of posts, too, while keeping in mind that the beauty of Instagram is authentic, everyday shots.

Don’t forget: tag your pictures with #winepass so we can discover new accounts and beautiful photos. Your pictures will also appear on a gallery on our homepage!

Top 20 Piemonte Wineries on Instagram

Marziano Abbona1. marzianoabbona

The Marziano Abbona winery is located in Dolcetto country in Dogliani, but they also produce Barbera, Barbaresco, Barolo, Roero Arneis, and more. They aim to share pictures that showcase the surrounding landscape, wines, and vineyards, as well as shots of those who work in the cellars and visiting guests.

Cascina Castlet2. cascinacastlet

This winery in Costigliole d’Asti, located between the Langhe and Monferrato, produces Barbera, Moscato, and Uvalino. This last is a native variety from the Asti region, apparently richer in resveratrol than other grape varieties (check out their site for more info). They have great aerial shots of their vineyards and their pictures tend towards authentic and in the moment; good at reposts.

La Bollina3. labollinawines

This wine producer is located in Gavi, a land of white wines in southeastern Piemonte. You’re not supposed to judge a book by its cover or a wine by its label, but who doesn’t love vintage bike prints? They do tons of reposts, so if you’re in their territory or drinking their wines, make sure you use the hashtag #labollina.

Gavi4. gavi972

The official account of the Consortium of Gavi wines, they post all kinds of colorful pictures, from wineries to dinners, beautiful landscapes of Gavi to shots of this white wine known for its great minerality and acidity.

Coppo5. coppo1892

With regular posts and beautiful pictures of their wines, events, and Underground Cathedrals that are on the UNESCO World Heritage List, you’d be wrong not to follow Coppo. This sparkling wine producer comes from Canelli in the Asti & Moscato wine region. Fun shots: the wine superimposed on its vineyard of origins. They’re also good at reposting and liking, so use #coppowines.

Boroli Vini6. borolivini

A producer of Langhe and Barolo wines, their shots from the cellars put you right in the world of winemaking. Their many photos of the faces behind the bottles make this a fun account to follow.

Ceretto7. cerettowinery

Mix of events, landscape, food, wine. Located in the Barolo wine making subzone, you’ll also find images of their architecturally interesting wineries, and exquisite dishes of Piemontese food.

Josetta Saffirio8. cantinajosettasaffirio

The Josetta Saffirio winery is a sustainable winemaking family with a 200 year family history behind their production. Their profile has a more personal feel with pics of friends, the territory, food, of course their wine…and the occasional cookie.

Cascina Chicco9. cascinachicco

A “Nebbiolo explorer in the Langhe & Roero,” Cascina Chicco is located in Canale in the Roero. They have a stunning winery with an extensive underground cellar, and their posts are the right mix of tastings, winery shots, events, and the people that make it all happen.

Strada del Barolo10. stradadelbarolo

Are you looking for travel inspiration? Follow the Barolo Wine Roads account, which takes you on a “journey through the heart and soul of the Langhe.” Stunning pictures of the Barolo and Langhe territory will have you planning your next (or first!) trip to Piemonte.

Enoteca Regionale del Barolo11. Barolo_enoreg

Like the Strada del Barolo, this isn’t a winery, but it certainly should be included on this list; the Regional Enoteca of Barolo is housed in the Falletti Castle in Barolo and includes 195 producers of Barolo. Their pictures showcase vibrant colors with shots of the landscape, wine tastings in the area, people, and events.

Fatelli ai Masso12. fratelliaimasso

This winery in Diano d’Alba is a Dolcetto producer, and claims that “wine is bottled poetry.” We agree, and their pictures support this. Browse through their gallery for lovely shots of wines and vines, scenery and cellars.

Giovanni Correggia13. giovanni.correggia

This winery, located in Canale d’Alba in the Roero, has a beautiful collection of colorful images that are candid (action shots), adorable (puppies), interesting (work in the vineyards), and beautiful (scenery).

Val Faccenda14. valfaccenda

Follow this Roero winery and you’ll get the feeling that you’re right in the middle of the action. Whether this winemaking family is at an event or trimming vines in the vineyard, they’re great at taking shots of moments that you’d love to be a part of.

Barbatella15. cascinalabarbatella

This winery, from Nizza Monferrato, has an image-centric gallery with minimal captions. But you don’t need much of an explanation for grapes slowly turning from green to purple in the summer, or long lines of green vineyards. We’re curious about the elephant, though…

Cascina Baritina16. cascinagaritina

This wine producer, located in the Monferrato in Castel Boglione, focuses their production on excellent Barbara d’Asti wines. Mixed in with pics of their land and wine are plenty of humorous wine quotes and images.

Nadia Verrua17. nadiaverrua

Nadia Verrua is the owner of the winery Cascina Tavijn, located in the Monferrato Astigiano, where she produces Barbera, Ruché, and Grignolino. Nadia’s lovely photos have a vintage appeal to them. Work in the winery, beautiful harvest photos, guests, family, friends, and wine all make their way to this gallery of eternal sunshine.

Bava Winery18. bavawinery

Bava Winery is a “young, creative family winery established in 1911,” located in Cocconato of the Monferrato Astigiano. They produce a wine range of wines, from Barolo and Barbaresco to Grignolino, Moscato d’Asti, Barbera, Albarossa, and more. Their colorful photos of events, wine tastings, and beautiful territory are full of energy.

Salvano Vini19. salvanovini

Salvano Winery is located in the Langhe and produces a wide range of red, white, sparkling, and sweet Langhe wines. Their photos are stunning and colorful, making for an eye-catching gallery, full of beautiful vine and wine pictures, and perfectly captures the beauty of the Langhe territory.

Giulio Cocchi20. giuliococchi

This winery based in Asti makes sparkling wines, vermouth, and Barolo chinato. Their posts are event-centric, and it leaves no doubt that you’ll have a great time with bubbly! Not that we ever doubted that. 

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