Diano d'Alba

Diano D’Alba is the unexpected stroke of a paintbrush that designed, with flair, a prominent knoll on the rolling hills of the Langa. The city is defined by a great wall of white sandstone that overlooks the Alba plains to the north, and faces the captivating vineyards of Barolo and the clear, mysterious air of the Alta Langa to the south.



Historically as well as geographically, Dogliani has always been a confined territory. As the area’s entry point to the lower southwest Langa territory and homeland of the celebrated Dolcetto wine, its name recalls characteristics of the region itself: Dolium lani, or “botte di Giano” in Italian, “cask of Janus” – the two-faced god who was a great drinker and also the guardian of thresholds and passages.


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